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siege perilous films

Siege Perilous Films is an independent motion picture production company with roots in Minneapolis, MN, and members throughout the United States. Operating as a collaborative since its inception in 2001, Siege Perilous Films has been committed to creating films focusing on story, character, craft and aesthetics.

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2011 MN Fringe Recommendations
posted by James on 08.04.11

The 2011 Minnesota Fringe Festival begins today and runs until August 14. These are our recommendations (based solely on people we’ve worked with or people we know who are involved in them, or that looked cool, or whatever) in no particular order:

The Trunk presented by Siege Perilous Films (duh).

Tempests presented by Tedious Brief Productions.

SCOTUS! presented by Serious Hedgehog Arts.

Our Freaking Kids Show presented by Mainly Me Productions.

Nightmare Man presented by Studio Alethea Productions.

Once Upon a Time in the Suburbs
presented by Ferrari McSpeedy Theatrical Productions

The Silent Room: A Workers Musical presented by New Proletkult.

Happy Fringing!

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